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By Mahnuel Muñoz

On November 10, 1998, one of the most important musical compilations in history was presented, the 21-CD box setThe Capitol Years“, which includes the albums recorded by Frank Sinatra between 1953 and 1961 for the Capitol Records record label, considered universally as the peak moment of Sinatra’s artistic career and, without question, one of the most glorious periods of popular music of the 20th century. The contents of the case omitted the instrumental album “Tone Poems Of Color“, in which Sinatra acts solely as conductor of the orchestra and, inexplicably, “A Jolly Christmas From Frank Sinatra“, one of the most popular and exquisite Christmas albums. never recorded.

What I bring you today are supreme words, since it is not only the largest and best display of the Great American Songbook (with permission from my idolized Ella Fitzgerald) but the chronicle of a prodigious time in which the work of a group of old dreamers, led by Frank Sinatra, fought to keep the American popular song alive in the face of the cultural revolution of Rock & Roll. I am fully convinced that, without the feat of Frank and the thousands of professionals who worked alongside him, the rich source of sounds, letters and forms that we know today as the Great American Songbook would be a cultural concept with minimal influence.

The publication was carried out by EMI, the British subsidiary of Capitol, with a sound remastering that improved the quality of the original albums, but, on the other hand, offered a presentation that was too sober, with a booklet that is not up to the standards of the famous content.

The box can be bought new or second-hand at prohibitive prices and, if you already have the Capitol albums separately, it is not worth the outlay unless you are suffering from Acute Synatritis. Now, if you are new to Frank’s World, save your pennies and your bills and, instead of spending them on another smartphone or some stupid thing to impress your neighbor, get it. You will add life and joy to your years.

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