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The “World On A String” box set was published on October 21, 2016. It is an exciting compendium of performances by Frank Sinatra during his world tours, following the line of its predecessors dedicated to New York, Las Vegas and London, but in a more compact format, more convenient to archive, although I prefer the other larger chests with their individual CD cases.

But this is a really impressive chest. Its presentation is exquisite and the selection of material is very successful, although I would have added a few more shows from the ’70s (the ones at the Royal Albert Hall in 1975 are incredible) and something from the ’90s (there is a concert in Oslo in 1991 that takes away the hiccups). And- let me dream!-the Bernabéu concert in Madrid in 1986.


But no complaints: the important thing is the music and what awaits here is of high quality. Finally, some of the most glorious live moments of The Voice throughout his career are available to the general public: Frank from Monaco in 1958 is sublime; Any show from the 1962 international tour is worth an empire, and shows in Egypt in 1979 and the Dominican Republic in 1982 rank among the very very best of his half-century live legacy.

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