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“A Voice On Air” (Sony Music, 2015)

By Mahnuel Muñoz

Faced with the horrors of the “music” generated by Artificial Intelligence, we will always be left with MUSIC made with the human mind and heart, with a generous sample of the purest Sinatra.

2015 was one of the happiest years for Sinatra fans; His centenary was celebrated as a great event, and there were many records, books and DVDs.


Today it’s time to remember “A Voice On Air”. Its discreet format does not reveal the value of its content. Four CDs and an extensive booklet review the long and fruitful career of The Voice on the radio; twenty years, from his debut on the Major Bowes show in 1935 as part of the Hoboken Four group to his last appearances in 1955, the height of the Capitol era and his ascension to the heavens of the pentagram and the silver screen. Almost a hundred cuts, 90 of them unreleased and 48 songs that Sinatra never recorded in the studio. A treasure.

It is extraordinary to be able to feel at least a small percentage of what it felt like in the 1940s and 1950s, when the radio was the main provider of family entertainment and played your favorite artist in your living room, singing live with a glorious orchestra, a domestic event.
It is also a joy to hear Frank perform pieces from the great American Songbook that he never recorded in the studio, such as “Tenderly”, “Alexander Rag Time Band”, “Lover, Come Back To Me” and a long etcetera.

A Voice On Air

Listening to the albums at night, in the dark, letting your imagination take you back to that time, is a very pleasant experience, which is enriched by the comments prior to each song, the applause, laughter and shouting of the public that attended the programs and the messages from sponsors.

The sound is very good, taking into account the origin of the material, never considered for commercial use. The booklet has a careful and elegant design, it provides a lot of information about the songs and the fascinating golden age of radio.
If you haven’t had the chance to get your hands on this beauty…don’t hesitate, its price is more than reasonable and the enjoyment is enormous.

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