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By Mahnuel Muñoz

On December 11, 2020, in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic and on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Reprise label, Frank Sinatra Enterprises and Universal Music began a new series of releases in exclusively digital format titled “Reprise Rarities “. As their name indicates, they collect rarities from this phase of The Voice’s career.

The big fans will not find, in principle, anything that they do not already have, since the material was previously published in the famous “Suitcase” of Reprise and other minor releases, but for this very reason it is a magnificent opportunity for a large sector of less completist followers to enjoy a magnificent set of songs that had been forgotten.


Volume 1

  1. In the Blue of Evening 1961
  2. As You Desire Me 1961
  3. Don’t Take Your Love From Me 1961
  4. Name It and It’s Yours 1961
  5. Come Waltz with Me 1962
  6. Everybody’s Twistin’ 1962
  7. I Left My Heart in San Francisco 1962
  8. You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me 1963
  9. Come Fly with Me 1965
  10. I’ll Never Smile Again 1965
  11. Younger Than Springtime 1967
  12. Everything Happens To Me 1974
  13. Just As Though You Were Here 1974

Volume 2

  1. “Tina” 1960
  2. ”Since Marie Has Left Paree”-1964
  3. “Blue Lace” 1968
  4. “Star!” 1968
  5. ”Lady Day” 1969
  6. “I Love My Wife” 1976
  7. “Nancy” 1977
  8. ”Emily”1977
  9. ”Linda” 1977
  10. “Sweet Lorraine” 1977
  11. “Barbara” 1977
  12. “It’s Sunday” 1983
  13. “The Girls I’ve Never Kissed” 1986

Volume 3

The Last Dance – 1960
The Second Time Around – 1960
Moment To Moment – 1965
In the Shadow Of The Moon-1969
The Game Is Over – 1970
The Hurt Doesn’t Go Away – 1973
Walk Away -1973
Empty Tables -1974
Empty Tables – solo piano – 1976
Send In The Clowns – 1976
Like A Sad Song – 1976
Dry Your Eyes -1976
Everybody Ought To Be In Love -1977
Night And Day-1977
All Or Nothing At All – 1977

Volume 4

Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) –1973
Anytime (I’ll be there) – 1975
The Only Couple On The Floor –1975
I Believe I’m Gonna Love You –1975
The Saddest Thing Of All –1975
I Sing The Songs –1976
The Best I Ever Had–1976
Stargazer –1976
Everything Happens To Me–1981
Say Hello –1981
Love Makes Us Whatever We Want To Be –1982
Searching -1982
Here’s To The Band –1983
All The Way Home –1983
One To A Customer –1986

Volume 5

The Boys’ Night Out
Me and My Shadow w/ Sammy Davis Jr.
We Open in Venice w/ Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr.
Old Devil Moon
Guys and Dolls w/ Dean Martin
So in Love (Reprise) w/ Keely Smith
Twin Soliloquies w/ Keely Smith
Some Enchanted Evening
Some Enchanted Evening (Reprise) w/ Rosemary Clooney –
Fugue for Tinhorns w/ Bing Crosby and Dean Martin
The Oldest Established (Permanent Floating Crap Game in New York) w/ Bing Crosby & Dean Martin
(All songs above, 1963)
Feelin’ Kinda Sunday w/ Nancy Sinatra 1970
Life’s A Trippy Thing w/ Nancy Sinatra 1970
To Love a Child w/ Nikka Costa 1982

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