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Sinatra sings Joe Raposo (6)

By Mahnuel Muñoz

Paraphrasing the title of the 1974 album “Some Nice Things I’ve Missed,” today I want to start by saying that in the 1970s, The Voice fans missed some of The Voice’s best songs. Sinatra, which were discarded to be part of albums and demoted to the category of singles, piled up in compilations of limited circulation or, buried for decades until seeing the light in the famous “Suitcase” of Reprise.

One of the cases that most attracts my attention is that of “The Hurt Doesn’t Go Away“, a composition by Joe Raposo recorded on June 5, 1973 during the “Ol’Bluesessions. Eyes Is Back.” It is a song of dull anguish for lost love, in the line of the pieces that make up the conceptual album “Watertown“; In fact, it could be a heartbreaking but perfect continuation of the story of that man who waited in vain for the return by train of his wife, who abandoned him and his children to seek a better life in the city.

Gordon Jenkins‘ arrangement is, as usual, brilliant in its desolation, with a striking beginning of strings that express the unbearable tension of the unfillable void, broken only by the dull, dry cry of the protagonist. Sinatra gives a serene performance on the surface, which allows us to sense a deep bitterness, which emerges shockingly at a specific moment, and then disappears and leaves that cold and lacerating calm of abandonment.

The pain doesn’t go away, the tears don’t stop falling
You cover them with people and places
Hoping to escape
Oh baby, the pain won’t go away
When love doesn’t want to stay
And within your laughter, the world laughs too
Saying you won’t last another day.
All the meaninglessness and pain don’t go away
The tears never stop falling, the pain doesn’t go away
“The pain doesn’t go awa

This very exciting work suffered an atrocious fate, the A side of a single along with “Anytime“, which passed without glory through the stores in 1975. It would later have a chance in the compilation “I Sing The Songs” (1978) and in the aforementioned “Suitcase” by Reprise in 1995.

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