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By Mahnuel Muñoz

On September 3, 1996, the extraordinary box set “The Complete Capitol Singles” goes on sale.

Before Frank began recording his legendary and beloved Capitol-era LPs, he dedicated himself to creating singles. The work began with Axel Stordahl, his arranger on the Columbia label. Times change and Stordahl’s sound is no longer enough for a boiling Sinatra. At Capitol they will prescribe Nelson Riddle, who with a fresh, powerful and urban arrangement will take the Voice to its most robust and sublime expression.

Sinatra’s singles on Capitol are almost completely different from his LPs; The albums are modeled as suites of songs at the service of a feeling, the singles always aim to be hits, catchy or experimental songs in which Frank plays with his sound, and even sometimes makes mistakes, as should be the case in any creative process. .

The box presents no less than ninety-six songs, (sides A and B) in chronological order and a generous booklet with photographs, data and comments. It is an unbeatable box.

The singles are as essential as the albums to understanding and appreciating Sinatra: all the charm and magic of The Voice in delicious three-minute pills. Here are some of the best songs from the 1950s: “Three Coins In The Fountain“, “Young At Heart“, “Chicago“, “Witchcraft“, “From Here To Eternity“, “Love And Marriage“, ” Tender Trap“,… Along with such must-see monuments there are several surprises, such as Frank’s forays into Rock And Roll!

If you find it, get it. It’s a must!

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