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Guide to Getting Started in the Art of Sinatra: Television Specials.

By Mahnuel Muñoz

Frank Sinatra began his television career in the early 1950s, coinciding with severe personal and professional crises. However, the variety shows he headed did not obtain adequate impact until the second half of that decade, with his career regenerated by enormous triumphs in film and music, to the point of allowing him to bravely resist the onslaught of rock and roll. . The greatest recognition by critics and the public would end up coming in the second half of the 60s, when he focused the small screen shows exclusively on his music.

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•”Welcome Home Elvis” (1960)
One of the episodes of Frank’s “Timex Show“, dedicated in this case to entertaining Elvis Presley on his return from military service.

•”The Royal Festival Hall” (1962)
Impressive recital in content and length, recorded during the world tour with Bill Miller’s sextet.

•”A Man And His Music” (1965)
Frank turns 50 and takes stock of his career with a compendium of classics and several songs from the album “September Of My Years

•”A Man And His Music II” (1966)
Continuation of his successful predecessor in 1966 full of triumphs. It features Nancy Sinatra.

•”A Man And His Music +Ella+Jobim” (1967)
An unprecedented event that brings together three giants of music in a state of grace. Perhaps the best program in the series.

•”Does His Thing” (1968)
Frank tries to offer an image more in line with the times, with irregular results. He invites Diahann Carroll and The Fifth Dimension.

SInatra (1969)
Without guests and betting heavily on more contemporary and reflective material, including pieces from the intimate “A Man Alone

•”In Concert At The Royal Festival Hall” (1971)
Spectacular concert in London, presented by Grace from Monaco. No one could assume that Frank wanted to retire.

•”Ol’ Blue Eyes Is Back” (1973)
After less than two years of retirement, Frank returns with a television special with actor and dancer Gene Kelly.

•”The Main Event” (1974)
Sinatra’s authentic return to the front line of the show in the heart of New York before an audience surrendered at her feet.

•”Sinatra And Friends” (1977)
A parade of musical stars of various styles accompanying Sinatra, who almost seems like the guest of honor.

•”Live At Carnegie Hall” (1980)
Concert that shows Frank’s extraordinary state of form at the beginning of the 80s

•”The Man And His Music” (1981)
Last television special filmed on a set (except tributes) for which Frank included Count Basie and his orchestra.

•”Concert For The Americas” (1982)
One of the best recitals of Sinatra’s career, in the Dominican Republic and with the intervention of drummer Buddy Rich.

•”Portrait Of An Album” (1984)
Documentary about the historic recording of the album “L.A. Is My Lady“, whose roster was full of jazz stars.

•”Sinatra In Japan” (1985)
Engraved in the sacred precinct of the Budokan. Sinatra brilliantly reviews half a century of his almost seventy-year-old career.

I hope the selection is useful to you and you enjoy the experience.

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