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The Judy Garland Show (1962)

By Mahnuel Muñoz

This historic show aired on CBS on February 25, 1962, and was a kind of reconciliation between the network and Judy Garland after a long and bitter legal dispute over breaches of contract during the making of another program in 1957.

The choice of guest stars proved to be a success: Judy’s intensity, combined with Dean’s friendliness and Frank’s elegance, generates an irresistible chemistry that earned them four Emmy nominations. The critical and public success made it possible for CBS to sign Judy to do a weekly program, which was an opportunity for the star to face the serious financial problems that she suffered.

Frank does good versions of “Too marvelous for words“, “I see your face before me“, “The one I love” (delicious, with Dean Martin) and a lively medley of “Let there be love/You’re nobody till Somebody loves you” (With Dean and Judy)

The program is a wonderful sample of the Great American Songbook and three of its most charismatic representatives, who magnify it at a time when new music was beginning to overshadow it.

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