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YOU WILL BE MY MUSIC  – Sinatra sings Joe Raposo (5)

By Mahnuel Muñoz

 The album “Ol’Blue Eyes Is Back” presents two plot lines: the first, more introspective and bitter, represented by “You Will Be My Music“, “Nobody Wins”, “Send In The Clowns” and “There Used To Be To Ballpark“; the other, more sociable and hopeful, with “You’re So Right“, “Winners“, “Dream Away“, “Let Me Try Again” and the piece that I present to you today as part of the series in which we analyze the songs of Joe Raposo played by Sinatra. 

Noah” is, by theme and composition, an unparalleled rarity in The Voice’s repertoire. It is an environmental anthem whose structure is similar to that of songs like “Aquarius” or “We Are The World“, that is, verses that go into a crescendo until bursting into an epic and choral chorus with the central message of the song. , in this case a call to awareness of the fragility of our planet and its inhabitants, a message as urgent in 1973 as today.

The arrangement, by Gordon Jenkins, features the unusual device of a gospel choir. I can’t say that the result is bad, quite the opposite, first because Frank can charm you by even humming the song from the news; Furthermore, it seems that he likes the song and he interprets it emphatically; the orchestral passages are brilliant… but in my opinion, the whole is a little out of place in Sinatra’s classic speech and is not my ideal closing of an album like “Ol’Blue Eyes Is Back“; I would have preferred another Joe Raposo song that was discarded until 1975, “The Hurt Doesn’t Go Away

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