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Bruce Springsteen’s favorite song.

December 8, 2022)

Bruce Springsteen is one of New Jersey’s favorite sons. His hometown has shaped him immeasurably into the person, as well as the artist, that he is. Additionally, New Jersey is the birthplace of the artist responsible for creating your favorite song of all time, the great Frank Sinatra.

Sinatra has always been present in Springsteen’s life, and no matter where he is, every time Bruce hears the singer’s voice, he is transported back home. It wasn’t until the later stages of Sinatra’s life that the pair bridged the generation gap and struck up a friendship, which meant the world to Springsteen.


From a young age, Springsteen found himself gravitating toward the magnetic pull of the lifestyle that Sinatra advertised in his music. In his mind, it was an aspiration of his to one day live similar to Sinatra, elegantly dressed, which was the very essence of sophistication.

In 1995, Springsteen was invited to appear in a Sinatra tribute show to commemorate the singer’s 80th birthday. It was Bruce’s ultimate honor to participate in the ceremony, and before performing “Angel Eyes,” he told the crowd about Sinatra’s impact on him.

Springsteen explained: “Well, I’m here tonight not just to salute Frank’s art because, well, he’s the patron saint of New Jersey, and since his rise from the streets of Hoboken, Frank has basically owned the place, but he has been kind enough to lend me a little piece next to the beach.

He touchingly added: “We first met at a party about six months ago, and we talked about the Jersey Shore. He was pleased to discover that his conversation was still peppered with the kind of words that have made our state great. My first memory of Frank’s voice was him coming out of a jukebox in a dark bar one Sunday afternoon when my mother and I went to pick up my father. She said, ‘Listen to that, that’s Frank Sinatra, he’s from New Jersey.’ He was a voice full of bad attitude, life, beauty, emotion and unpleasant sense of freedom, sex and sad knowledge of the ways of the world.

Ever since his mother introduced her to Sinatra when he was a child, she has become romantically attached to his work. He’s been there in the background of his life, on the soundtrack to tons of memories and the person behind his all-time favorite song.

Bruce Springsteen’s favorite song

In a conversation with Stephen Colbert in 2021, Springsteen was asked to name the one song he would listen to for the rest of his life and he said, “One? Wow. ‘Summer Wind’ – Frank Sinatra“.

The song initially appeared on Sinatra’s album, “Strangers In The Night,” and describes the story of a cherished summer romance, which flies by like the wind. Although it is not an original song and was first called a German song titled “Der Sommerwind,” once Sinatra entered the recording studio, “Summer Wind” became his eternally.

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